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Weather in Chile
Chile has three different types of climates:
From Arica to La Serena the climate is dry, with an average temperature of 10 degrees & 0 mm of rainfall. A few km inland, in the desert plains, temperatures vary during the day and night from 35, to 0,, and the air is extremely dry. From la Serena, north of Santiago, the dry climate is similar to that of the hot steppe lands, with slight decrease in temperature & occasional rainfalls during winter which allow for the growth of vegetation, mainly scrub.
The rest of the territory, with the exception of Patagonia & the high Andes, have a warm climate of varying forms. From Santiago to Concepcion, Mediterranean climate prevails, with a dry summer season. Average temperatures vary from 14 to 15c. south of Concepcion, temperature decrease gradually & rainfalls increase, reaching over 2,500 mm yearly.
In Chile, only two types of this climate. The cold climate of the steppe lands on eastern slopes of the Patagonian Andes, in Punta arenas where, during winters, avg. Temperature can reach -3 degrees & increase during summer to 11 degrees. The high peaks of the Andes feature a very cold icy climate, with abundant snow and extremely low temperature. This harsh climate gets better during summer, when only their is snow only on the mountain peaks.
Has a polar climate, with temperatures below zero all-year-round, scarce rainfalls and abundant snow.
CLOTHING: lightweight cottons and linens in northern and central areas. Rainwear is advised during rainy seasons. Medium weights & waterproofing are needed in the south.